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Get the Right Help

Dreaming of your new home or major remodel? Our basic audit of your plan saves you more than it costs you. We guarantee it.
Disappearing Act

The inspector looks for code. We look for better. After this stage, structural improvements are more expensive.

Just add peace of mind

"Beauty is only skin deep" does not apply to craftsmanship, or even customer relations. For the substance underneath, give us a call.

Quality Takes Time

Artisans laboring at the famous Tiffany workshop in Union Square, New York, in 1874. "Quality" is not the same as "fancy."

Environmental Solution

The best and lowest cost might still be behind two draft horses. Talk to us about your goals for your project.

Cost-Effective Craftsmanship

We can't afford to lose old-world quality and thrift while gaining from today's advances in science. We base our audits, recommendations, and custom product solutions on this philosophy.


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